Prescription Glass Problems That Optical Product Repair Shops Should Fix

If you have optical products like prescription glasses, they may run into issues. Some of them may be pretty severe and thus require professional optical product repairs. Here are some instances when this might be the case.

Broken Frames

Prescription glasses often feature durable frames, but with enough force, they can snap in half. If this has happened to your glasses, the best thing you can do is talk to a company offering optical product repairs. They may be able to put the frames back together and give you an effective eyewear solution to use once again.

You'll just want to send in your glasses or take them to the repair shop if it's located in your area. If a repair is possible, it can be achieved through frame welding. The pieces will be conjoined back together and the weld will keep them this way. 

Scratched Lenses

If you don't put your prescription glasses in a protective case, what can happen is their lenses get scratched. Even small scratches can affect how you're able to see when wearing prescription eyeglasses. If your lenses are in this condition, they might still be salvageable if you rely on optical product repair services.

There are a lot of DIY remedies for scratched lenses, but it's better to leave this restoration up to a professional who can use the right chemicals and work them over the lenses in a gentle manner. In most cases, scratches on lenses will fade away completely and thus help you see clearly again. 

Damaged Screws

Screws are used to hold various pieces of your glasses together. Whenever they damage, they may fall out of position and thus cause glass parts to come apart as well. Dealing with screw damage won't be a major headache if you take your glasses to a company that offers optical product repair.

They can see to it that new screws are put in their place. They'll be compatible with your glasses and made from quality materials so that you don't have to worry about this component damaging for a long time.

Just because there are problems with your prescription glasses, doesn't mean you have to find replacements and spend more money. It may be better to work with a shop that offers optical product repairs. Then at least you can see what parts can be repaired and salvaged, helping you save money and get glasses that are in great condition again. 

For more information on optical product repairs, contact a company like the Southern  Colorado Eye Care Associates.