4 Tips For Getting Your First Pair Of Reading Glasses

For many people, vision gradually declines over time until one day you realize you are having a much harder time reading computer screens and books than you used to. The words may seem a bit blurry and out of focus, or you may find yourself squinting in order to read. Luckily, reading glasses are a simple solution. Here are four tips for getting your first pair of reading eyeglasses:

1. Opt for Prescription Glasses

While you have probably noticed reading glasses for sale at the drugstore, the best option is to have a professional eye exam and order glasses based on the prescription your optometrist gives you. This will ensure that your new reading glasses are the perfect strength for your specific eyes. Having an eye exam will also help give you a baseline to work from, allowing you to know exactly what your vision is like now so that comparisons can be made at future eye exams.

2. Choose Frames that Flatter Your Face

If you like the look of your eyeglasses, you will be more likely to wear them whenever you read or work on your computer. Luckily, these days, reading glasses come in a vast variety of styles, shapes, and colors so you can easily find a pair or two that look great on you. Online guides will help you pick the most flattering reading glasses for your face shape. If you don't love any of the reading glasses for sale at your optometrist's office, you can ask for a copy of your prescription and buy your glasses from a store with more variety.

3. Be Prepared for an Adjustment Period

First-time wearers often find that while reading glasses improve their vision, they also feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable at first. You may even feel dizzy or get a headache when you first wear your glasses. An adjustment period is totally normal and your eyes should adjust to your reading glasses within a week or so. 

4. Take Good Care of Them

Keeping your reading glasses clean and free of scratches will help them last longer and also help you to see better. When you pick up your new pair of reading glasses, go ahead and grab some lens cleaner, a soft microfiber cloth, and a protective eyeglass case as well so that you can easily clean and protect your new glasses. 

By following these tips, you will soon have the perfect pair of new reading glasses.