Reading Glasses Frames: Choosing The Material, Color, And Design

When choosing reading glasses, considerable emphasis is placed on the actual glasses or lenses. This makes sense because it is the actual lenses that determine how well the glasses work. However, you should still pay attention to the frame. Here are some of the things that should help you choose the right frames.

Your Job

Your job may determine the type of frame you should get for your reading glasses. For example, if you are in a "serious" industry and that is the way you want to appear to your clients, it would not be wise to use fanciful or colorful glass frames. As a serious business person, you require frames that will inspire confidence in your clients and associates, which is why you should probably go with conservative frames and colors. Classic shapes (think oval and rectangles) can work for you well, especially if they have traditional colors such as black or gold. As a creative, however, you are open to try with any color or even get frames with mixed colors. Of course, your boss may also have a say on the issue if there is a dress code in your workplace.

The Image You Want to Project

It is not just your job that should affect your decision; you definitely have a job outside the workplace, and you should not forget about it when choosing frames. How do you want people to view you? Do you want to be taken as a free spirit or someone to be taken seriously? Or maybe you have a baby face but you want to be taken as a senior member of the society (giant metal frames come to mind here)?

Your Lifestyle

The type of lifestyle you lead should also influence your choice of frames and colors. Do play outdoors a lot? Do you love fishing? How active are you? For example, if you lead a very active lifestyle, you should opt for a material that will withstand considerable wear and tear without losing their aesthetics. You may also want to avoid a heavy frame if you want or have to wear the same glass all the time; something like polycarbonate will work for you well because it is relatively light.

How Long You Want Them to Last

Lastly, you should also know that frame materials differ in their durability. If you want something you can use for the rest of your life, think about getting metal frames, specifically metals like titanium or alloy frames, which are extremely durable.

Hopefully, you will be able to choose a suitable frame for your reading glasses that will serve you for a reasonable duration. Don't forget that you don't have to throw away your reading glasses anytime they develop a small malfunction; there are professionals, like the Southern  Colorado Eye Care Associates, who can repair them for you.