The Right Glasses Make The Face

Have you ever seen someone wearing glasses and thought how wrong that shape was for their face? Or, have you ever seen someone wear glasses that you find to look surprisingly good in them? The truth is, not everyone will look equally as good in any pair of glasses. Different people have faces shaped differently, and the glasses they wear should complement the natural shape of their face. You can spend hours trying on all the glasses in your optometrist's office trying to find the pair that looks right on you, or you can learn which shapes will work best with your face here and go in knowing what to look for in a pair of glasses.

Rectangular framed glasses – Rectangular shaped glasses are good for those with faces that are round, heart shaped or oval shaped.

Square framed glasses – Square shaped glasses are going to look the best on people with round or oval shaped faces.

Oval framed glasses – Glasses with oval frames are going to suit people who have round, rectangle, square or oval shaped faces.

Aviator glasses – Aviator glasses are actually one of the most versatile glasses of all. This is due to the fact that they look good on people with all types of faces. So, if you happen to like the look of aviators, feel free to go with a pair!

Round framed glasses – Glasses with round frames will look good on people who have round, rectangle, square, and oval shaped faces.

Geometric framed glasses – Glasses with a geometric shape will look good on people who have round, rectangle, heart and oval-shaped faces.

Browline glasses – Browline glasses look good on those who have round, rectangle, square, and oval shaped faces.

Wrap glasses – Wrap glasses are good for all shaped faces, just as the aviators are. So, if wrap glasses appeal to you, don't worry about the shape of your face and have fun trying them on!

Oversize glasses – Seeing all those superstars with their oversize glasses may make it seem like they are the 'in' choice. However, don't be fooled by the Hollywood fad. The truth is, these glasses are not complementary with anyone's face. Your glasses should always fit your face, not cover up a large part of it.

When you are trying on glasses, you also want to be sure you go with the right color. Just because you like a certain color doesn't mean that it will look good on you. Take a picture of yourself wearing different colors, so you can determine which ones look the best on you. For more information or suggestions, contact your local eye doctor.