Discovering the World of Organic Eyeglasses: A Guide to Sustainable Eyewear

Organic eyewear refers to a specific category of luxury eyewear made from naturally sourced materials. This sector is growing in popularity as consumers continue to demand eco-friendly and sustainable products in all aspects of their lives. What Are Organic Eyeglasses? Organic eyeglasses use natural materials that are sustainable and free of harmful chemicals and toxins, making them an eco-friendly option for consumers. They are made from wood, cotton, bamboo, and recycled metals instead of plastic or other synthetic materials. Read More 

Three Benefits Of Children’s Flexible Glasses Frames

If you learn that your child needs glasses following a routine checkup at the eye doctor, it's important to take your child to a local eyeglasses store to begin assessing frames. Most kids will want something that has an appealing look, regardless of their age. For younger children, you may wish to introduce your child to flexible glasses frames. Many retailers carry these frames, which can be a good option for lots of kids. Read More 

Prescription Glass Problems That Optical Product Repair Shops Should Fix

If you have optical products like prescription glasses, they may run into issues. Some of them may be pretty severe and thus require professional optical product repairs. Here are some instances when this might be the case. Broken Frames Prescription glasses often feature durable frames, but with enough force, they can snap in half. If this has happened to your glasses, the best thing you can do is talk to a company offering optical product repairs. Read More 

3 Blue Light Glasses Myths That Are Grossly Inaccurate

The average person spends a considerable portion of their day looking at some sort of a screen, be it a smartphone or a work computer. Blue light, while not appearing blue through your eyes, is largely used in these sorts of devices, and unfortunately, it can also be harmful to your eyes over time.   Digital eye strain and macular degeneration are just a couple of issues that prolonged exposure to this light can cause. Read More 

Difference Between Routine And Medical Eye Exams

When it comes to having your eyes examined, you may have concerns over whether or not you will be able to get help from your insurance company to pay for the exam. In some cases, your eye exam will be covered, but it may not always be covered unless you have an insurance policy that specifically states it covers annual eye exams. The information in the article below will help you to understand the difference between a routine eye exam and a medical eye exam, so you know how to proceed with regards to either using your insurance card, or your own personal credit card. Read More