4 Tips For Getting Your First Pair Of Reading Glasses

For many people, vision gradually declines over time until one day you realize you are having a much harder time reading computer screens and books than you used to. The words may seem a bit blurry and out of focus, or you may find yourself squinting in order to read. Luckily, reading glasses are a simple solution. Here are four tips for getting your first pair of reading eyeglasses: 1. Opt for Prescription Glasses Read More 

Avoiding The Danger Of Blindness In Toddlers Caused By Pink Eye

Toddlers don't usually suffer from a wide variety of eye problems, which makes it unnecessary for them to regularly visit optometrists. However, they may occasionally get struck by pink eye, a problem that may end up blinding them. Here is what parents and the baby's optometrist needs to know about this danger. How Toddlers Get This Problem Pink eye is a problem that can occur in people of all ages. Read More 

Seeing An Optometrist

Going to an eye doctor can be very nerve racking. The thing to remember about an eye appointment is that it is for your own benefit, and there is no such thing as a fail. If you need to have help with your eyes, they are going to help you. They are going to be able to do a lot when they check your eyes. Here are just a few of the things that they will be checking when you go to the eye doctor for an appointment. Read More